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Bekki is the host, blogger, and social media manager behind Girl on a Hill Podcast.

Writer. Avid (and probably too frequent) reader. Mom of 4. Elementary school teacher turned homeschooler (except my high schooler, because math is hard!). Pastor’s wife. Advocate for moms. Dreamer. Lover of road trips. (Seriously, let’s go!) Drinker of far too much coffee. Obsessed with Disneyland. Explorer of the amazingly beautiful PNW.

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Jolene is a regular co-host of Girl on a Hill Podcast.

New(ish) wife to a very patient man. Massage therapist. Closet comedian. (At least in my head.) Introvert. Classic overthinker. Avid exerciser. Early riser. Book addict. Cat “mom” to a grumpy old-man cat. Maker of healthy food. Drinker of all the tea. Wishing my life were a musical comedy. Lover of efficiency. Excited by learning how things work. Happy auntie. Hoping to be a mom one day.

Sydney is a regular co-host of Girl on a Hill Podcast.

Wife of a screen-printer. Mom to a 5-year-old superhero. Growing the next superhero now. Lover of all things vintage (including older persons, places, and things.) A lady’s-lady. Gold Award recipient (Eagle Scout for girls baby!) Certified dance party expert. Hoping to grow up to be an herbalist-sha-woman. Stories that are personal, romantic, brave, and “mold-breaking” are my jam. Recovering people-pleaser. Constantly learning about mental/gut health.