If I asked you how you were doing, would you say “fine” – even if you’re not? Even if you’re heartbroken, weary, or trapped in an anxiety spiral? I get it. We all do it. In today’s episode, we start to upack some of the reasons we pretend to be okay when we’re not and how trying to handle the hard feelings on our own can sometimes backfire. We talk about what safe people mean to us, why some people overshare, and why we tend to suppress our feelings. It’s a big one. An important one. And it’s my favorite episode yet. Thanks for being here.

Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Make your own cold brew!

Are you into coffee just for the smell like Krystal? Check out this coffee candle!

I had to look up what a Regency Tea Party was when Syd mentioned it. Do you need to know too? Check this article I found out!

I shared an article on my blog Chasing Supermom during the pandemic about redefining what “strength” is. I think we fool ourselves into believing that it means keeping our feelings to ourselves. It doesn’t. I’d love for you to give it a read: “Redefining Strength in Time of Pandemic.”

Do you have a prayer request? We were serious when we said we would pray for you. (For real!) Please use our Contact Us form to send us your request, and we will absolutely pray for you.

We mentioned that we’d talked about really seeing people and changing culture by showing compassion and looking for opportunities to bless others in a previous episode. That was Episode 6: See the Good. It’s a good one! Give it a listen!

Need a good cry like Jolene? She watched Call the Midwife and you can too! (It’s cute!) The avid reader in me wants to tell you that it all started with a book!

And seriously- we love you. Please reach out if you need someone. We’re here.