Having gone through the past two years, we all know what it’s like to be tired, emotional, and stressed. But some of us find ourselves in a state of burnout – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted and over-extended. Today we’re getting real about what burnout is, how we got there, and how we can get out. (Because we can!)

Things to Remember From Today’s Podcast:

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, social, and spiritual exhaustion. Burnout goes beyond stress.

Burnout is typically work-related and it tends to have an over-thinking component.

Burnout often manifests physically 

Many times, burnout is the result of an extended period of exertion at a particular task (generally with no obvious payoff or end in sight) or the carrying of too many burdens.

Burnout is comprised of three distinct dimensions:

*emotional exhaustion (emotionally overextended to a point where you’re unable to unwind and recover)

*depersonalization (detachment)

*lack of personal accomplishment

Questions to ask yourself:

WHY am I doing the things I’m doing?

WHY are those things on my to-do list? 

What is your burnout trying to tell you?

Mental health professionals narrowed it to exhaustion, depression, and cynicism – but I found a few more common signs that are relatable

Signs You Might Be Burnt Out

  • Your to-do list feels overwhelming (even if the things on it are fun/stuff you like)
  • You are physically exhausted or feel drained
  • No motivation 
  • Withdrawal, detachment
  • Negative 
  • Snippy
  • Everything feels like a chore, lack of satisfaction or pleasure
  • uptick in binge behaviors

The things we turn to for the fix are not actually going to fix it. (Ie -Binge behaviors!!)

Some of the fixes are tied up in things we’ve talked about before on the pod:

  • Check your motives. Do you need to work on self-reliance. Are you finding your identity and sense of worth in what you do? Are you feeling like you need to do it all fix it all save it all to matter? 
  • Soem might need to learn to say no or to set boundaries.
  • Take breaks from screens
  • Self-care (nutrition, sleep, FUN)
  • Come to ME and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28-30