Feeling like you’re on a cross-country road trip on the struggle bus? You’re not alone. In today’s episode, we get crazy real about being real! (And by real, I mean someone who sometimes handles stress poorly, isn’t always happy, and yes – even sometimes doubts their faith.) In today’s episode, we talk about breaking down, spiraling mentally, blaming God, and covering up our pain. We’re messy, broken, and not always ok. And that’s ok. This one is deep, raw, brutally honest, and maybe exactly what you need to hear today. We are in this with you.

Things To Remember From Today’s Podcast:

You are NOT the only passenger on the struggle bus. Trust me, we ALL have a bus. Some of us are driving one. (You’re not alone!)

We are all living in or coming out of a “hot zone” where our brains are or have been in a “charged” state. So, when something else hard (you know, besides a worldwide pandemic) comes up, it’s that much tougher to respond rationally, calmly, and not from a state of agitation. Give yourself grace. This is tough.

Strength is NOT an absence of emotion. It’s okay to let your emotions show. People need to see other people walk through hard things and survive.

The struggle bus is okay to hitch a ride on when you need to. It is NOT a cross-country road trip vehicle. (Plus, the scenery on the struggle bus doesn’t change. It’s just a rerun of your hurts out the windows. Who wants to keep looking at that?!)

We absolutely ARE here for you if you need us. Please us the Contact Us Form to send us a message. We WILL pray or listen.

The boat vs. the raging sea is different. We need more help when we’re out on the water so to speak.

Jolene and I believe you were created on purpose for a purpose. The world needs your specific brand of unique. Only you can do what you can do.

No one feels happy, strong, and certain 100% of the time. No one. (Even if they portray that in real life or on social media. You can make anything look like anything.)

Doubts are sometimes an emotional signal that something isn’t quite right or that something needs to be processed. Lean into them and work through what wrong messaging you might be believing or fixating on.

My hope and joy cannot be in circumstance – because those things are temporary and changing!

Things Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

For any super SUPER fans out there, this is the coffee Jolene and I were enjoying whilst podcasting. 🙂

Jolene loves the Through the Bible Podcast. (I’ve never listened to it, but I like Jolene.) 🙂

You can find the story about Peter attempting to walk on the water in Matthew 14:22-33

The song Jolene was referring to is “Smile” by Nat King Cole.