Let’s be honest. We’re great at stress. Great at over-working. Even better at burn-out. But fun? We’ve forgotten about fun – and make all kinds of excuses about why we can’t have it. In today’s episode we talk about the barriers that keep us from having fun, common misconceptions about fun, and the three key components of true fun. We were not made to trudge through life – we were made to enjoy it!

Things to Remember From Today’s Podcast:

It’s a LIE that fun isn’t important. It is. It’s critical for our PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) health!

There is often a vulnerability component in our resistance to fun. Ask yourself if you’re afraid to look/be silly. Are you worrying about what someone else thinks? Do you feel like being serious makes you better?

You were NOT made to trudge through this life. You were created to enjoy it!

Are the things you’re doing for “fun” actually hurting your soul vs. nourishing it? (Ie – binging, social media, etc.)

Scientifific studies have shown that productivity actually increases when we take fun breaks! You actually come back to the task more refreshed, wth more energy and more ideas!

Fun does NOT need to be a big, planned, extravagant thing! Fun can be found in many places!

Stop throwing the word “fun” around! Say it if you mean it!

“Fun” is not universal. Just because someone else thinks something is fun, doesn’t mean YOU have to think it’s fun. (You get to like what you like. The end.)

Science’s best working definition of fun is: Something you do for the sake of doing it

There are three BIG components of true fun: Playfulness, Connection, and Flow

Flow = true immersion when you engage in a challenging activity or when you’re passionately involved in something to the extent that time is flying by

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” (Thanks for the wisdom Ms. Poppins!)

If the “fun” starts to feel like work or stress – find something else! (Especially if you are specifically in pursuit of fun!)

Now go have fun! 😉

Things Mentioned on Today’s Podcast:

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” by Leo Sayer is Syd’s dance anthem she couldn’t remember! (And it’s been in my head ever since she texted me!)

Syd mentioned Catch Phrase as a great way to have fun. (And I agree!)

I used some of the work of Dr. Catherine Price in today’s episode. She has written the books, “How to Break Up With Your Phone” and The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again (These are both on my to-read list!!)