Today’s podcast is about lists – but honestly, it’s about so much more. In this episode, we chat about our tendency to tie our worth to how much we get done, smart goal-setting, and yes, we circle back to control and comparison – because those issues can be unrelenting. We share our tips, our struggles, and some laughs too. It’s a pros and cons list about lists today on the hill.

Things to Remember From Today’s Episode:

To-do lists become dangerous when we use them to measure our value. You are NOT what you accomplish in a day!

ANY time you are doing something to “prove” your worth, stop and check your motivation.

Lists can give us a wonderful sense of accomplishment as long as we are not solely building our identity around what we accomplish.

“I am what I do” is a dangerous headspace to be in.

Don’t allow social media to add things to your list simply out of FOMO or comparison. Choose activities and ideas that you are genuinely interested in. Just because someone you know is doing it, does not mean YOU have to do it.

When looking at other people’s lists (ie – Pinterest), remember that you do NOT need to do ALL the things.

List-making can serve as a coping strategy if you are struggling with anxiety or facing something big out of your control. Sometimes crossing items off a list can give you a sense of control when so much in your world is out of control.

If you struggle to get things done, set one or two small reasonable goals a day, write them on a list, and then cross them off and feel good!

Jolene told us about SMART goals. Make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound.

Ask yourself, “What is important for TODAY?” (Everything is probably not urgent!)

Don’t involve other people in your list without their consent! (Honey-do lists are not the best for a relationship.) An alternative Rachel shared, was a list of tasks that need to be done that are not time-sensitive and are not expectations you are setting for another person in your home.

Eat your frog. (Do the toughest thing on your list first!)

Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Rachel and I both love!

Rachel mentioned having a “grumpy squid” in her classroom. These Reversible Octopus Plushies are all the rage. (My 9 year old wants one soo badly!) If you’ve never seen/heard of them, go ahead and check it out!