We all know what it’s like to be disappointed. In today’s episode, we talk about that sometimes difficult leap we make between what we’d hoped for and what we got. We discuss our expectations, control, and the joy that’s possible when we let go of what we thought would be and accept what is.

Things to Remember From Today’s Podcast:

Expectations play a HUGE role in disappointment. (And we need to learn to temper them. We will never get everything we want.)

I’m going to hit you with some definitions: 1) sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations, 2) the gap between what we hoped for and what we got, 3) your brain adjusting to reality

We need to stop living in the before and the after – and choose to enjoy today. I am personally tired of missing out on my life because I’m disappointed about the way it’s going.

Once I learned to accept that my reality was in fact my reality, I was able to actually ENJOY the view of where I was. I will never forget that life lesson. This is the beach where my family got stuck – and I will be forever grateful for this unplanned detour.

Learn to ask yourself, “Is this in my control or out of my control?” If it is, do something about it. If it isn’t, “look for the whales” so to speak and make the most of what is.

When SO much is out of our control, WHY are we yielding what IS in our control? (Our response!)

Want some action steps? (Teeny tiny steps are still steps!) 1) Review your expectations. 2) Ask yourself if it’s in or out of your control, and act accordingly. 3) Step back and think about the problem or situation during a time when you are more relaxed, not when you are in the “hot zone.” (Fear and anger bypass logic in your brain!)

Our reactions affect other people.

You GET to choose how you will respond! You GET to!

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You can also try the grocery-store version of Aplets and Cotlets. ;)

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