Whether we do it consciously or not, we all tend to believe a few myths about other women. We feel alone in our humanity and think we’re the only one who isn’t living up to our crazy standards. So today, we’re debunking three common myths: the myth that everyone else’s house is always clean, the myth that everyone else is always perfectly put together, and the myth that everyone else is always out having a great time. (They’re not! They’re all normal – just like you!) And while we’re chatting, the hosts of today’s pod go down a Disneyland rabbit trail – but that was just us being human. We’re walking up that hill with you.

Things To Remember From Today’s Podcast:
You are NOT the only one whose house gets dirty from time to time! We ALL fall behind on laundry, dishes, and picking up the bathroom from time to time. You’re human. You can do what you can do. (And what you can do is enough.)

Try Bekki’s 10 Minute Clean Idea! Set a timer for 10 minutes, throw on some fun music, and have everyone in the house clean for 10 minutes. You can accomplish so much!

If you come by my house (or many other women’s homes) unannounced, it’s not likely I’d look the same as if I knew I was going to interact with people! You’re not alone.

You are NOT the only one staying at home or not out doing “all the things.”

Learn to be happy for your friends who ARE doing all the things. (It’s one of the most important skills you can learn!)

Mentioned on Today’s Podcast:

The company I bought my Disneyland wax melts from is no longer making the Disney water scent. However, there are a TON of options on Etsy!

We talked for a while about our favorite Disney smells. (I’m not sure anything will ever top Disney Water for me!) A few years ago, I actually created a quiz for my blog called, “Which Iconic Disney Smell Are You?” It’s totally silly and so much fun.

Take Bekki’s Which Iconic Disney Smell Are You Quiz from her Chasing Supermom blog.

My kids bought me this Disney Parks cookbook for Mother’s Day – and it’s so much fun. Re-create Disney snacks at home!

Jolene’s Vacuum!

If you are unfamiliar with Choco Tacos – check them out and make a small and silly memory (because those are often the best ones!) with your family!

We referenced Episode 6: See The Good in today’s episode. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we would love for you to take a listen!