In today’s episode, we’re talking about loving difficult people. If we’re being honest, we all have people in our life that are harder for us to tolerate – let alone love. We’re learning to work our empathy muscles and see the difficult people in our lives as people to love, rather than problems we wish would go away.We’re also admitting that difficult people shine a light on our own hearts – exposing all of the negative emotions, attitudes, and responses we’ve hidden away. We’re sharing some tips and giving you a few tools to help you love when you’d really rather not – and reminding you, that you (just like all of us) are sometimes difficult too.

Things To Remember From Today’s Episode:

“Love difficult people. You’re one of them.” ~Bob Goff

Interactions with difficult people are a great opportunity for you to examine what’s going on inside of you. Without the difficult people, it’s easy to perceive yourself as a fully kind, loving, and tolerant person. (All of that dirt stays hidden!) Then you get the text, see them coming towards you, see that they’re going to be at the baby shower you got invited to, etc., and BAM! Out come all of those emotions, attitudes, and responses we didn’t realize were there.

Romans 12:18: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Try to leave every interaction without giving the other person a reason to say anything bad about you.

Every action does NOT require a reaction. (And you do not always need to offer your opinion.)

If someone does bring up a controversial topic (a drama topic), smile, nod, and then change the conversation as quickly as possible. Steer it to something neutral. Ask a question about them. (People love to talk about themselves.)

People are more important than opinions.

Learn to see through the attitudes and behaviors for what is going on underneath.

  • Hurt people hurt people.
  • Anger behaviors are easier than hurt behaviors.
  • Everyone has their own set of baggage that reshapes and contorts their view of life.

Don’t wait for the “feelings” of love, grace, kindness – choose it. 

So what can you do? 1 – Pray for them. 2 – Speak WELL of them. (Not just refrain from saying bad things.)

Recognize most people are over-stressed, overburdened, and under-encouraged

Stop tying your own happiness, peace, and well-being to other people and their attitudes and behaviors. Don’t let someone else’s bad day ruin your good one.