In today’s episode, I’m joined by my husband David, as we break down some common relationship pitfalls. I share how the high expectations I put on myself sometimes create a more stressful home environment. David shatters the myth that men can read minds and shares his intentionality behind offering the “fix” or the “solution” when I’m upset. We wrap up by talking about our mutual needs to unwind and recharge, so that we’re able to give the best of ourselves. Today is all about giving grace, assuming the best, and unlearning some of the wrong thinking that trips our relationships up. Nearly 20 years in, and I’m still learning. I’m right there with you today.

Things To Remember From Today’s Episode:

nd fancier meal. Most men would prefer a wife/partner who is happy and in a good mood in a messier (normal) home to a stressed out wife in a super-clean house.

Don’t assume what your husband’s expectations are. I have found that I put MY crazy expectations on myself, and project them onto him – almost blaming him for my own ridiculously high (and often unreachable) bar.

If you are walking through an especially stressful season, let some things go. Do what you need to do to allow yourself to breathe a little easier -even if it means giving up a few of your high-bar expectations. Let some things be “good enough” for a season. (Or forever.)

Your husband cannot read your mind. For real. He can’t. (And, I’ve been told by a good source – that if we are willing to say what we want/need out loud, we just might get it.)

My husband’s love is not diminished if I need to tell him what it is that I want. (I might need to re-read this one a few hundred times before I unlearn this false belief I’ve been carrying!)

Things Mentioned in Today’s Podcast:

I was SHOCKED my husband hasn’t seen 10 Things I Hate About You – the source of one of my biggest crazy relationship expectations!

Shameless plug for my (Bekki) blog . I recognized early on that “Supermom” was a myth – and I’d always just be chasing that title. Perfect isn’t a thing. Give yourself grace. Let go of the expectations and standards that aren’t only out of reach, but cause you stress and strain.

The turkey leg papers are called, (are you ready for it)…..regency wraps. And you can buy them. I have NO IDEA why you would, but if you, like early 2000’s me, feel that these signify “good wifery” or if you just want to be fancy, they are available for purchase. 🙂

Okay. Here is the infamous and slightly tongue-in-cheek video, It’s Not About the Nail….(Only watch this if you can poke a bit of fun at yourself though. I have been this woman more times than I can count, as much as I hate to admit it.)