I was late to the podcast game. It literally took a worldwide pandemic for me to give them a shot. But I found that every time I donned my noise-canceling headphones (seriously, one of my favorite sanity-saving items), I found that I was able to escape the craziness in the world around me, and recalibrate.

Women tend to put themselves last. We’re great at taking care of the people we love, but often struggle to meet our own needs. (Sometimes we even struggle to admit our needs matter.) But when we allow ourselves to stop and take a breath – we refill our tank, preventing us from continuing to run on empty.

Maybe this is your first podcast. Maybe you’ve subscribed to so many you feel like your phone is judging you. Either way, I encourage you to give us a shot. Throw on your headphones. Put in your earbuds. Let us talk to you while you’re driving.


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (just kidding – you definitely have), but the world is full of angry people. It’s everywhere. The news. Social media. Our social circles. Everywhere. And it’s draining us – not only of our joy, but our emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. Sapped away in an instant.

It’s not supposed to be that way.

I was tired of listening to mad people. Done with negativity. Tired of talking about our pain simply to complain. I was sick of hiding behind walls of fear and insecurity. I wanted to step into the light – to BE the light. So, we created the hill – a place where women can come and find refreshment for their souls. A place to rest. A place to grow. A place to belong.

Climb the hill with us. We don’t have it all figured out. (Let’s get real. No one does.) But, we’re committed to growth, to joy, and to living with intention. We get real without going to the dark side. We shed light on the topics that thrive in the dark – exposing them -not to wallow or vent, but to HEAL. Each week, through crazy honesty and humor, we’ll dig into relatable topics.

We’re tired of hiding. We want to shine. We want to be the women we were created to be. Join us?