I love summer. Warm sunshine. Watermelon. Backyard barbecues. The smell of sunscreen on happy kids. It’s the best. For me, it’s also a season of rest, relaxation, and family memories.

This week on the podcast, we shared our special “Ode to Summer” episode. Syd, Jolene, and I each shared our favorite summer foods, destinations, and activities.

Each season, my kids and I sit down and make a bucket list of all the things we’d like to do and experience. (And while I am ALL about goal-setting, we keep our bucket lists about the fun!) Today, I thought it would be fun to share my real-life Summer 2021 Bucket List with you, and encourage YOU to make one of your own. No matter what stage of life you’re in, a seasonal bucket list can be a great way to get you out of your rut and help you experience the best of what that season has to offer. So, use mine for inspiration and then make one of your own! (My kids and I hang ours up in the kitchen. We love to cross things off our list as we get them done! Best “to-do” list ever!)

Some years, my bucket list features more elaborate plans, and some years (like this year), my items are pretty simple. Your bucket list doesn’t need to be chock-full of expensive or over-the-top items. Just choose summery things that bring you joy and help you enjoy the season.

Bekki’s 2021 Summer Bucket List

  1. Go to the movies. (Hello dollar movies and Black Widow!)
  2. Have a backyard campfire.
  3. See the ocean.
  4. Visit a mountain.
  5. Read in our chairs at dusk. (My husband and I bought reclining camping chairs – and we love reading outside at night!)
  6. Make ultimate s’mores. (I mentioned these on the pod. Chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers!)
  7. Explore/hike with the kids.
  8. Ride bikes.
  9. Make jam.
  10. Run with Henry. (Henry is my teenage son who loves to run.)
  11. Sleep in a hotel. (I do not care where – and if you listened in, I do not care about fancy!)
  12. Go on a 4-wheeler ride.
  13. See fireworks.

It’s not elaborate. It’s not out-of-reach. And this year, it’s not especially long. But it’s the best parts of summer, and it will help me enjoy the quiet summer moments with my favorite people. Here’s to summer -and here’s to YOUR bucket list!